Saturday, 1 January 2011

1st January 2011

Red-throated Diver - Found by Paul Nye on Stewartby Lake.

My intended day-listing around the park was interupted when I got a call to say that Paul Nye had found the above Red-throated Diver on Stewartby Lake. I watched the bird for a couple of hours in the hope that it would swim near to one of the banks but unfortunately it stayed in the middle of the lake. If it still there tomorrow I hoping it will be a bit more co-operative...

Before the diver was found I had seen a Bittern and a couple Scaup near the Marston corner of Stewartby Lake. I also had distant views of the female Smew - and saw the male Pintail which was still in the Marston corner stream outlet to Stewartby Lake. I cut the day short about 1.30pm as the weather was pretty cold and drizzly but still ended up having seen and/or heard 52 species in the park and my parent's garden.

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