Tuesday, 3 May 2011

3rd May 2011

White Stork!!!

Wetland 9

Green Hairstreak

Four-spotted Chaser

Red-and-Black Froghopper - a rather smart bug which Bob found near the railway line, the first one either of us had seen...

The White Stork flew over Bob Hook and myself when we were near the Marston Corner of Stewartby Lake. I was in the middle of photographing the Green Hairstreak butterfly shown above when the stork appeared, so I'm very glad that Bob was looking up! ... :-) The bird flew past us fairly low and then headed off East gaining height most of the time. We watched it for 5-6 minutes in total before it went out of sight, during which time we took turns to phone the news out. What was probably the same bird was seen twice near Oxford and then near Bicester the previous day. About 10 minutes after we lost it is was then seen over Priory Marina near Bedford and the following day it was seen twice in Cambridgeshire before ending up in Suffolk on the 5th May. A fabulous bird to see on the park, the first one seen here and only about the 10th county record.

Bob and I did a day-list and we saw around 66 birds on the park between us... I'll add more details when I get the list from Bob.

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