Saturday, 26 September 2009

26th September 2009 - Leach's Petrel!

I was at home in Abingdon when I got a text saying Pete Smith had found a petrel on Stewartby Lake. As I hadn't seen either of Storm Petrel or Leach's Petrel on the lake, and I love seeing seabirds there I was very soon in a taxi heading for Milton Keynes where I was picked up by my parents and taken to the visitors centre. I was very relieved that the petrel, which by then had been confirmed as a Leach's, was still present and hadn't been chased off or killed by the gulls. The bird was being harassed by gulls most of the time it stayed on the lake and it eventually left shortly before sunset. What was presumed to be the same bird was seen the next day at Wilstone reservoir near Tring, Hertfordshire.

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