Saturday, 30 May 2009

30th May 2009

7am - 6pm, then moth trapping from 8.45pm - 1.20am
7am - 6pm
A pretty quiet day on the bird-front, good views of a Whitethroat and a Robin near the Marston Corner, and 2 Osytercatchers seen on the clubhouse Lawn
Red-veined Darters - 2 found by Dave Ball on the pond outside the cafe - possibly only the second UK sighting this year!
Also seen Large Red, Azure and Common Blue Damselflies, Hairy Hawkers, Four-spotted Chasers and a Black-tailed Skimmer

Moth Trapping
Absolutely brilliant!!
c15 Elephant Hawkmoths
3 Lime Hawkmoths
2 Eyed Hawkmoths
2 Privet Hawkmoths
1 Poplar Hawkmoth
(also a Barn Owl seen at beginning of moth trapping)
A few photos of a co-operative male Whitethroat - Marston corner of Stewartby Lake
Robin - Marston corner of Stewartby Lake Red-veined Darter - near cafeCommon Blue Butterflies
Large Red Damselfly
male Black-tailed Skimmer
Common Spotted Orchid - Stewartby LakeA few shots of Elephant Hawkmoths Poplar Hawkmoth
Eyed HawkmothLime Hawkmoths
Privet Hawkmoth

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