Monday, 29 December 2008

29th December 2008

(8.05am - 1pm and 3pm- 4.15pm)
Scrapyard corner:
Leucistic Herring Gull

Sailing Club railings to sluice:
Scaup, Redshank on main slipway and Grey Wagtail

2 Snipe on small pond near Pillinge. Usual ducks and several Bullfinch around Pillinge

Gull roost: (3pm -4.15pm)
Adult Mediteranean Gull - found by Keith Owen
Leucistic Herring Gull - scrapyard corner of Stewartby Lake in morning
Scaup - still by Stewartby Lake sailing club
Grey Wagtail - also not far from Stewartby Lake sailing club
One of 2 Snipe seen to fly up from a small pond near the Pillinge.

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